Steve Lee : Sit Down Stand Up!

Steve has been in showbiz since 1971 - and you've never heard of him?  Now's your chance to find out why!

He has written a dozen shows for young audiences, four cabaret productions, and two television scripts for Disney Europe - one of these was filmed in five languages.  Plus, regrettably, a direct commission from Germany as they loved his sense of humour - you have been warned!

5 weeks performing at festivals in Japan, 3 weeks at Italian festivals, and a week at the International Arts Carnival in Hong Kong.  An audience of 12 million on a BBC Christmas 'special' with Paul Daniels, and a children's programme with Richard Stilgoe.

Steve's cabaret performances, however, are NOT children's productions - sex, drugs (no audience participation!) and a little live music - parental guidance advised!

So, kids, lie about your age and get an education!  Raconteurism with rancour and a large brandy!


Photo: Ceri Watkins

Paparazzi Corner 

Bloody paparazzi - one can’t even have a quiet incognito lunch in Soho without being snapped – rather well, I might say, by Peter Clark.